Shape Fitter

Puzzle game for Android

Game Description

Shape Fitter is a simple, yet addictive, puzzle-game. Your task is simply to fit all the shapes to the board. The shapes can also be rotated. If you have waited for an opportunity to fit pieces to a board shaped like a bird, rabbit, carrot, pi, cyclone, etc.? - Wait no more!

Shape Fitter is a fun and simple game to exercise your brain. When you manage to solve a level, the next one will be unlocked. The gameplay is easy-going, but the different levels will keep you puzzled. Some Shape Fitter levels are easy for casual and enjoyable puzzle moments, but for frustration junkies there are also increasingly hard levels available.

In addition, you get one new free puzzle every day in "Daily challenges".

Don't just take my word for it... read the review:

Shineapp: Shape Fitter Free puzzle game
"It is quite easy in the beginning but after a few levels is quite challenging. The old school puzzle game lovers, I think, can invest on this."

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