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Rhythm Sheep

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Rhythm Sheep is for anyone interested in music and rhythms from beginners to professional musicians. The levels start from easy rhythms, but the most difficult levels will definitely challenge you regardless of your amazing music skills. You have been warned!

The main idea of Rhythm Sheep is to try to repeat the rhythm you hear. The more accurate you are, the more points and stars you collect. Also, the sheep position themselves according to your performance. Optimally the sheep would form a straight line to the center of the field. If you tapped a beat too early, the corresponding sheep goes to the right hand side of the field. Similarly, if you tap too late, the sheep go to the left.

Levels in the game differ from their difficulty, tempo and number of beats to repeat. Don't worry if you have to listen the more difficult levels several times! Almost everyone has to. If you want to improve your sight-reading skills as well, you can also get the levels in musical notation.

Try the free levels if you want to test the game. More levels are available for purchase. Play Rhythm Sheep to test and train your rhythm skills!

Don't just take my word for it... read the reviews:

Mobilegames reviews: Rhythm Sheep - learn music
"At times, some of the rhythms might get a little tedious, but you'd be surprised on how often you'll replay a level, just because you want another crack at that highscore!"

RX6GamingNews: Rhythm Sheep Impressions
"Rhythm Sheep is a fun free game to test and train your rhythmic skills. Beginners and professional musician will all enjoy this cute little game that is more difficult than it seems."

PianoPronto: Android App Alert: "Rhythm Sheep"
"It’s a very informative app as far as highlighting rhythmic inaccuracies. Each note in the rhythmic pattern being tested is represented on the screen by a single sheep. This makes it very easy to identify where in the measure(s) a student is speeding or lagging behind."

PrePayAsYouGo: Rhythm Sheep – The Listen and Repeat Review
"Deceptively simple and endlessly frustrating in that addictive way that keeps you gritting your teeth and mumbling 'Just one last try...', Rhythm Sheep is a great game for developing and perfecting your rhythm skills."

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